Sunday, May 29, 2011

Some Greenery in the Concrete Jungle

Here are some pics of our garden this year. I also took some photos of our neighbors rose bush which is huge. She lets it grow huge just to mock us. We can grow vegetables but every flower we have owned has died quickly (we have photographs of the flower corpses but we are trying to keep this at a G rating). Also we decided to try some corn which we are getting really excited about. Please take notice of my artistic shots. I am willing to sell them for $25 a print. Brit wishes she could photograph like a dentist.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dr. Dan the Man

We forgot to post some pictures from Dan's white coat ceremony! Sorry there are not many.

The students reading their 'oath'.

I was Dan's "coater." Normally you have to be a doctor of some sort to 'coat' another new doctor, but I figured it was ok, because I am practically a doctor of house wifeology so I ran up on stage and took the coat to put on Daniel. Actually I am just kidding this year they changed the rules and you could have family members be your coater. Anyways, the photo below is obviously just capturing one moment in time, however this moment of daniel trying to get his right arm into his coat took about 10 minutes. Eventually Dan figured it out though :)

Happy Mothers Day !

Due to the fact that there will be nothing coming in the mail for our mothers we thought we could atleast do a blog post for mother's day! We have been in search for something we could send you from online, like flowers, or gift baskets for the past week or two, however, nothing was good enough (or, should I say good enough and economically feasible). So we hope you accept our love until Daniel is making the big bucks and we can get you a car or something really grand for mother's day!

On our last trip to reading market we had to stop by the amish bakery that has the best cheesecake we have ever eaten, so delicious I am currently on the quest to find a cheesecake recipe that tastes the same. I have tried out 4 different recipes so far and no match. I will let you know as soon as I discover the secret combination.

There is another Amish store at the market that sells different 'cheese powders', which are basically like the kraft macoroni and cheese powder in bulk. We bought three different containers which we have yet to begin to use, so if you have any ideas let me know.

Also, me and dan have currently become intrigued with the idea of some day having a bee hive and producing honey when we move back to washington. This is a cute honey shop at the market.

About two months have gone by since we started our summer garden. This year we decided to start our seedlings indoors. So far I feel as if it has stunted their growth being kept in little sectioned containers, but we will judge how well this has worked by when we get our first 'harvest'. So far we have planted some herbs (cilantro, basil, rosemary, chives) and vegetables (peas, corn, onions, hot peppers, green peppers and tomatos).

And here is a random pic of some nice blossoming trees from a few weeks ago when I went on a service trip with the youth.

The following are some old pictures of our last DC trip, we found a really nice hotel for cheap.

There were a few smithsonians we weren't able to visit last summer with family that we were able to check out this time. Inside one of the smithsonians:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Longwood Gardens

Yesterday me and dan drove out 45 minutes west of Philadelphia to stop by the Dansko outlet to get me a pair of those magical dansko clogs everyone else in the health proffesion wears. They are so blasted expensive, I have been waiting years to get a pair, and this wonderful outlet had them at half off! I currently have them on and have been wearing them from the moment I bought them, I even debated sleeping in them.

We also stopped by Longwood Gardens. It is a property donated by the Du Pont family with over a 1,000 acres of garden and greenhouses. Since it is winter the main attraction was the extensive greenhouse complex, and they are currently having an orchid show which was pretty amazing. Pictures can't quite capture how gorgeous everything was, so this is a new spot we plan on taking anyone who comes to visit us!

Now wouldn't it be nice if I had a sweet SLR camera to take all of those flower pictures with, if you vote yes, call daniel and tell him :)