Sunday, March 6, 2011

Longwood Gardens

Yesterday me and dan drove out 45 minutes west of Philadelphia to stop by the Dansko outlet to get me a pair of those magical dansko clogs everyone else in the health proffesion wears. They are so blasted expensive, I have been waiting years to get a pair, and this wonderful outlet had them at half off! I currently have them on and have been wearing them from the moment I bought them, I even debated sleeping in them.

We also stopped by Longwood Gardens. It is a property donated by the Du Pont family with over a 1,000 acres of garden and greenhouses. Since it is winter the main attraction was the extensive greenhouse complex, and they are currently having an orchid show which was pretty amazing. Pictures can't quite capture how gorgeous everything was, so this is a new spot we plan on taking anyone who comes to visit us!

Now wouldn't it be nice if I had a sweet SLR camera to take all of those flower pictures with, if you vote yes, call daniel and tell him :)


  1. Your pictures are absolutely amazing even without an SLR. You have the gift sister. Absolutely beautiful. That being said, I definitely vote you get an SLR camera and will make sure I tell Daniel espcially if you will agree to take my family pictures. haha Also, I have never tried the Oreo game before. I might need to buy a box immediately and try it out. Looks like fun.

  2. woop! i'm so glad you guys are posting again, i have started to as well! i miss you two!