Sunday, August 9, 2009

First week report

We have made it to Des Moines Iowa safely. Our travels yesterday gave us a scare as we drove into hail the size of nickels and tornado warnings. When we pulled off the road we attempted to get under an overpass but it was already full so we just parked outside with others who came later. Neither of us were educated in what the safest action that needed to be taken. We did not think of taking Cross country traveling 101 in our course work. Yellowstone and the Badlands were both very enjoyable. We did not see a whole lot of wildlife but we did see a herd of deer relaxing outside one of the hotels in Yellowstone. The hikes in both parks were fun and we have met people all over the states and world during them. Our in car time has consisted of litstening to music, books on CD(1776), and playing Would You Rather(thanks Joe and Khia). We will play here with Jeremy and Brittany until Monday which is when we will head to Nauvoo. In all it has been a great trip and we cannot believe we have already been married for a week. We would like to think we are experts in married life.

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  1. Hey Dan, Those are elk, not deer. You really are a city kid, aren't you...