Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow #2

So we are reporting following another snow storm. This time we were given a little bit more time to prepare. For instance we did not park in the middle of our street. As you can see our street gets lots of snow and is not big enough for a snow plow. I am guessing from the last storm that it would be at least a week before we could get out. All we did was park at the end of the street so all we had to do was shovel the car and the short amount of street in front of us. As we were shoveling out the car we would throw the snow onto the sidewalk. After we had just about finished a man came out and started getting angry at us for throwing snow on his sidewalk. So we had to shovel of his sidewalk and place the snow carefully in a pile next to our car. Welcome to Philly where you get fined for not having your sidewalk cleared within six hours after the last snowfall. Later that evening I was shoveling out our neighbor's car. This time we did not throw the snow on the sidewalk because I had learned my lesson that it was a fine. We thought we could just throw it into the street for the snow plow to pick up (side note: He was parked on a larger street wher snow plows can fit, we tried to find a spot but they were all taken). A plolice officer showed up while in the process and yells at us that it is a $300 fine for throwing snow into the street. Welcome to Philly where if it snow's you can get fined for not moving and moving the snow. The lesson learned is to do it all when someone else is not watching. In the end we can now get out of both our house and our parking spot.

This is a picture of Brittan's new "vanity" she got for her birthday. Can you see her enjoyment?

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  1. Out of control. I had no idea you could fined for shoveling snow onto sidewalks or streets. Philly is an unusual place. Good luck with the snow tomorrow. I can't imagine another 20 inches on top of that.