Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Games and Garden

So we have been enjoying our summer here. We are always looking for things to do for fun. The other day we saw a sports authority store. It is hard for me to walk by a sports store and not go in. We went in and came out with this ladder golf game. It is supposed to be played outside but it was dark out so we decided to set it up inside. We have enjoyed it. Another game we have enjoyed lately is frisbee golf. We found a course in Fairmount park we like. Sometimes the crowd at the course is a shady group but on those days we just drive right by and go on a run instead. For those of you interested in fun board games we found one we really like. It is called Wits and Wagers and is played in a group setting. We played it when the Fannings came and we loved it. Other than that we have been living the normal South Philly lifestyle, let the wife work while the man stays home. However the only difference is I don't drink so instead I do laundry, scrub the floors, basically all the Cinderella stuff. I also have been invested in my garden which has already produced plenty of tomatoes and green beans with green peppers soon to be eaten up. The pumpkin plant looks real big but there is only one little guy in there. We are already starting to give tomatoes away because we cannot eat them fast enough.


  1. You make me laugh. Love the pictures of ladderball in the house. I need to fly out there to try it out. I always wanted to learn the rules. It seems like it's played a lot in the East. I don't think I've ever seen it in Washington. Love the garden too. You are an amazing housewife.

  2. David has been wanting to get that ladderball game. We've seen it some neighbors' yards. Love the garden!!! Should I have Elli start calling you Uncle Cinderella?