Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tis' Hallow's Eve

Me and Dan have been excited to celebrate halloween, hence, all the pumpkin carving. However, now that we are adults October 31st is sort of a anti-climactic holiday. Mostly because we can't go trick or treating with the ocean of south philly children out on the streets tonight. I had left around 4 o'clock to go grocery shopping, leaving daniel to fend for himself against the little scavengers with only a half empty bag of Now and Laters. I had missed his call of desperation an hour into my shopping trip that "WE NEED MORE CANDY!". Unfortunately while being immersed in the phsycotic craze that is 'shopping at shoprite', I had forgotten to get more candy. Upon returning home I found him being bludgened by the candy sacks of several 5 year olds. It took me a while to shew them- luckily daniel escaped unscathed (good thing because we don't have health insurance yet). I had some sugar free hard candies up in the cupboard, but there is nothing worse than being the people who pass out the 'lame candy', So Daniel ventured out amoung the herds of glucose thirsty savages to the local drugstore for some more substantial sweets. By the time he returned, a rain storm was passing through and there was not a tricker in sight. His trip, though in vain, left us with a large amount of chocolate. Luckily, two little princesses showed up on our doorstep. Amoung our candy offerings were a few toothbrushes Daniel had added (He has bought a few boxes of them at school for the sole purpose of replacing a brush- should it fall upon the floor or any other unclean surface- heaven forbid we actually try and wash it). The two cute magnates chose the tooth brushes! Daniel was ecstatic- I wish I had taken a picture of them (we rewarded this wise decision with some more candy!) All in all, it was a good halloween night- our first here in philly, which we will spend the remainder of listening to game 3 of the world series. GO PHILLIES!!!

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  1. I love the story! I wish I could see the "bludgened by the candy sacks of several 5 year olds". Thanks for updating. I'll get some pics of Elli in her ladybug costume on my blog tomorrow :)