Saturday, December 19, 2009

So we are a week away from returning home for Christmas and very excited. Yes we have been a part of the big east coast snow storm here are some pictures and a video. You can see we got a lot of snow and Brittan needed to go to the store to get some things. Well the Civic was not made for this type of weather so we hiked around south Philly to do our shopping. It was fun but chilly. Our neighbor let us barrow her shovel to take care of our walkway. Seems to us to be pretty ineffective since by the end we could do it all over again. Both of us also realized that in our major cutdown of what to bring in our car as we headed east we did not pack any snow gear. So it was all about blue jeans and layers for our outdoor adventures. As you can see we decided to get each other one large gift for Christmas instead of a small one. So a Double Shot it was. I was in the heart of all of my finals when it arrived so it was difficult to not set up right away. I did pump up a ball first, then came hooking the net up to the rim and then wouldn't you believe, it all went up soon after. We have enjoyed it and Brittan is determined to get to 80. We are excited for Christmas and anxious to be home for the holidays (If we don't get snowed in of course). Merry Christmas

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  1. Oh, how I miss that place. You guys aren't going anywhere soon. no church tomorrow!