Sunday, April 4, 2010


So for Easter this year we decided to venture from the classic egg dying and try out Pysanky. It is the Ukranian technique for dying eggs. We learned about this from our landlord one evening when we were at his house. He told us where we could get the supplies to try our own and so yesterday we went and got them. The supplies are pretty basic, some intense egg dying colors, a block of bees wax, a small flame and a kistky (the writing tool). We were able to do it as we listened to conference. Here is what we were able to come up with after two sessions of conference...

It is a difficult technique because it is hard to control the wax. The lady at the store told us that if wax falls where we do not want it we have just begun a new design. We started alot of new designs with our eggs. It was fun and we will try to get better by next year.

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  1. Holy cow. Those eggs are amazing. We are going to have to try that too. Very cool.