Sunday, June 6, 2010


Daniel and I drove to detroit this last memorial day weekend. It was a good 10 hour drive, and we couldn't believe that steph and steve made the same drive with 3 boys to be in Philly for only two days, earlier this year (we concluded that they were crazy). I only drove for an hour on the way back from detroit to give dan a break- he drove the other 19 hours! He's a machine. Every once in a while he would ask if I would like to drive (because sometimes sitting in the passengers seat staring at trees for consecutive hours gets boring) so I would say "sure" but then I would say something like "man, i feel like I can't keep my eyes open, maybe I will just let them rest every other 10 seconds to avoid falling asleep while I'm driving." . . . Hence, Daniel driving 95% of the time.

It was a ton of fun hanging out with the boys and steve and steph, they made it easy to forget that there was a life of drudgery awaiting us back in philly (actually philly isn't that bad). Steph made some really good food while we were there, especially her smoothies, salads and pancakes. We played alot of Wii Tanks while we were there, and we are still having withdrawls. Sometimes I will be woken up at night by dan making little missle launching and explosion noises in his sleep. We also went to Greenfield Village, a project of Henry Ford's which is basically a giant indoor/outdoor museum- with tons of historical buildings from the 17th century to present moved from thier original locations to this little 'village' setting. We got to ride on an old steam locamotive and a 1916 Ford Model T. They also had a civil war reenactment going on at the time. So, it was pretty much awesome.

Here are some pictures that we took during our stay, in no particular order:

A view from the steam engine tour of Greenfield village.

Riding the Steam Engine.

Hewitt lovin some sprite.

The confederates about to charge.

Some confederate floosies (according to Dan.)

Tired legs . . .dan wanted a seat too.

Flashing a six pack.

Our favorite 'Donny face'.

Some cool old buildings and what looks to be an alligator swamp.

Some Yankees.

Tanks ubsessee.

Donny was injured in a pool slide fall- but he's a tough cookie

Donny was eating some old halloween candy stuck on the bottom of his bucket (just kidding steph).

More tanks excitment.

Talkin to some old folks.

The best marble tower. ever.

Waiting in line for our sweet model T rides.

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